Dear colleagues! Welcome to the Russian museum of police caps and hats.

     My name is Alexander and I own a large collection of police caps and hats. I've only been collecting them for 17 years, and I already have samples from over 100 countries.
Our museum specializes in collecting police caps, hats and helmets, mostly of current style. On our website above each exhibit you can usually find a link to the corresponding police department. We are always happy to collaborate with other police museums around the world on exhibit exchanges, information on police uniforms of Russia and its neighboring countries.
We also have a special section for exhibit exchange. In that section you can find the exhibits that we can readily ship to any museum around the world. All of our headgear is authentic and has been received directly from police departments, police museums or members of police force themselves.
Our museum is actively collaborating with many members of IPA.

Besides the museum, according to search engine stats our site is visited by people from many countries around the world.


Mongolia police
(Current style, since 2018)

Ukraine nacional police
General rank

since 2017